In short
Our company specializes in handmade rugs and all our activities are linked to the market,
promotion and sale of our favorite such.
With our two privately owned stores in Glyfada and N. Erythrea, we serve more than 10.000 customers a year,
visit many cities of Greece (and Cyprus) through exhibitions,
and we get to live every Greek house with too many TV programs,
which continue non-stop for years 25.

miraraki black
Ms. Despina Moiraraki is everywhere, behind every knot and is the mastermind of the operation.
With the self-created character, the persistent involvement but also the characteristic of voice
It has managed to bring out the MOIRARAKI company as the most famous company in the Greek area.
With the experience that distinguishes will help you choose the right carpet for your professional and private space,
among new products deliveries itself with love chooses for you from all the countries of the East
(Persia, China, India, Pakistan) in a wide variety of designs and colors, timeless handmade rugs at unbelievable prices.