The No 1 company on handmade carpet undertakes throughout the year the responsible repair of handmade carpets with its years of experience. Regardless of the quality, construction or type of carpet you have chosen, you should be aware that all carpets can be repaired when damaged. The most common damage to carpets is the moulting of the moth if it is a woolen carpet, wear on fringes and stitches, cigarette burning, and damage to moisture, which is the worst enemy of the carpet.

In particular, we repair rails and friction irrespective of the type of cut and we make the carpet spraying as long as we know the measures you want to roll, and we make lamination on the carpets that make dust from breaking the glue.

Carpet repairs are the ideal solution to keep your carpets in good condition and are an advantageous solution as they are quite affordable for any balancing. Of course, when the economic factor is combined with the professionalism and technical expertise we offer you have made the best choice to enjoy your carpets for many years.

By paying attention to detail, we undertake everything that might well be repaired.

The company is also evolving in this area, trying to meet all the needs of its customers.

Carpet repair with perfect guaranteed result for last generation carpets that oddly pull out dust hands from the back.

Color revitalization

Removal of unnecessary fluff

Repairs to timeless handmade carpets

Wrapping lamination

Placing a rack in infinite colors

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